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Henleys offer the Designer significant support in the application of applied BHP, transmission selection, drive train Design, Technical product support and performance predictions. 

Our in house experts have interacted with the various designers from all over the World. Our company has been involved in Military, fast ferry, commercial fishing, tugs, support crew vessels, pleasure craft – sail and power, pilot, customs, and police vessels.

We have become specialists in our field due to sheer volume of drive train design and supplied components over the past 95 plus years.

Most of our staff have been involved in the marine Industry for 20 to 30 years providing a vast data base of knowledge in relation to our field of Marine drivetrain components. 

We also store data that spans nearly 100 years which provides past known results on application of design, materials and process ensuring the best possible outcomes. 

 In effect this is our R&D which has refined all that we provide to the end user. 

We understand that any problems that may occur above the waterline are significantly cheaper to rectify than below. Our aim is a successful sea trial, longevity of product and product support.

We also understand that our components must be of sound design, quality and build to ensure a successful outcome is achieved for the Designer, builder and client.

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